We received a call from an existing customer that they wanted to get their RV shed SOFT WASHED, as we had previously SOFT WASHED there home a week prior. They had called me back to do more work for them, because they were impressed with the first job, we did for them. They added a great review to our perfect score of a 5 with 46 reviews. The home is a beautiful modern country home the HOUSE WASH made the house look brand new again. On the house we did a HOUSE WASH and a ROOF WASH which immediately turned their home back to its original glory. There RV shed came at just as new with a HOUSE WASH as well. The total job took around 2 hours to complete.

It takes more time to roll out the equipment and hose's then to actually do the job. On A SOFT WASH you want to make sure your solution is correct and pre-wet all material before adding the solution. You want everything cooled down especially here in South Texas. After you have cooled down one side of the shed you let the solution set for about 5 -7 mins. Rule of thumb is soap up and rinse down. when dwell time is over, you rinse down the side of the shed top to bottom, we water surrounding grass or plats, tress to prevent any damage.



Texas Pride Power Wash is great .They worked with me to wash my house just before the painters were scheduled. Painters would have power washed the house but i wanted the tin roof washed also. Price was good and Martin is coming back to wash a outbuilding on the property. I definitely recommend this company.

Julyne C.